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Signing up to Now and Beyond using the form below registers you for our national mental health festival for schools and colleges on 5th February 2025, and gives you access to our national directory of approved youth mental health and wellbeing experts.

Our annual festival

Now and Beyond provides educational settings across the UK with the tools and resources to discuss mental health in their classes.
You can browse and book workshops from this directory for Now and Beyond on 5th February 2025.
All listings within this directory have been approved and vetted by our team in accordance with our onboarding policy here.

Our directory

Is the first ever cross-sector resource of mental health services available for young people across the UK, enabling those working with young people to identify the right interventions for those in their care. For those who would benefit from support, we aim to provide crucial and timely financial access to interventions required.


There is a serious mental health epidemic affecting young people in the UK - roughly 1 in 5 young people suffers from a mental disorder. Consecutive governments have failed to prioritise mental health and public services cannot cope with the surging demand for care. Young people needing urgent treatment are turned away from oversubscribed CAMHS treatments and end up on waiting lists for months, even years.
Early intervention could have a transformative effect in tackling this crisis.

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